The Game Drive Experience

From the unfathomable color of the “Blue Mist” to the prowling of the Leopard, the stylish stillness of the Painted Stork to the charging of the Elephant, Yala National Park is full of fragrance and ferocity. Its savage secrets date back millions of years in geological history and are woven into myths and legends of the ancient Kingdom of Ruhuna. Our guides will take you on a journey to translate the stories of this wilderness.

This is where the thrill of your stay with us truly begins.

(The itinerary includes 2 safaris per day – accompanied by our professional field guides).

Photographic Safaris

We are aware that those who hear the call of the jungle have their relationship with it, just as we do. And how can we not make special arrangements for those of you traveling with your cameras when each of us keeps ours so close at hand. 

We invite you to climb into a 1982 Land Cruiser, modified with removable seats and a forward folding windscreen, equipped with beanbags, clamps, tripods and monopods, complete with those of us who take photography seriously on board to make sure you have the right light and positioning.

We credit our teammate Indika Nettigama with the details of this specialized adventure. An experienced wildlife photographer in his own right who will go out of his way to make sure you capture the right angles.

The Creative Hub

The Rangers at our camp are known for their creativity and passion for wildlife. At the heart of their work is the Creative Hub, a place where they bring together their skills in wildlife photography, conservation updates, educational video production and leopard abundance research. Our guests are welcome to join the Rangers in the Creative Hub to put their experiences down on paper and merge their love of nature with artistic expression.

Birding Tours

Embark on an exciting bird-watching adventure amidst the allure of the dry zone jungles, where nature's creativity has sculpted unique ecosystems that nurture bird species that dance to their own evolutionary rhythms.

Sri Lanka is a host to over 500 recorded bird species, including 34 endemics to the island. Our safari guides will accompany you, not only on game-drives but on strolls near the camp spot an array of exciting birds. The birds of Sri Lanka exhibit stunning colors and there's no better way to appreciate them than to learn about them from our guiding team.

Bush walks

The fragrance of wild flowers, the grains of sand pressed into the ground by the spoor of a leopard, the melodious call of an Asian white rumped shama, all fine details of nature that can only be interpreted by one on foot. Our rangers take you on a journey by educating you on the fine details that one cannot experience from a vehicle. When feet meet sand.

Visit Situlpawwa Rock Temple

The Yala region holds a deep and mystical history dating back thousands of years and encompasses the ancient civilization of the Kingdom of Ruhunu. Situated at the peak of the rocky hills is the Sithulpawwa forest monastery which holds the faith and the story of the people of Ruhunu, and the monks that guided them. 

The safari guides at CWS have developed a deep appreciation for this history and the soils on which it rests. A walk with them through the forest monastery takes you on a tranquil journey through time.

Explore the waters

Step aboard a traditional "oruwa," gracefully gliding across the shimmering waters. Perfect for birding enthusiasts, as the lake provides for incredible avian fauna. Let the rhythmic sway of the boat lull you into serenity, embraced by nature's tranquility. Conclude your voyage with a refreshing gin and tonic, savoring the spectacle of the sunset. Our dedicated team will guide you through this enchanting journey, ensuring safety and educating you on the wonders of the waters.

Exploring Sri Lanka’s Culinary Heritage

Begin your stay with a culinary journey like no other at Ceylon Wild Safaris, where every meal is a celebration of Sri Lanka's rich flavors and vibrant culinary heritage. Our chefs craft exquisite dishes using the freshest locally sourced ingredients, tantalizing your taste buds with an explosion of taste and aroma. From traditional Sri Lankan delicacies to typical bonfire bites, each dish is blessed with authenticity, served against the backdrop of the wilderness. Whether you're dining under the stars or indulging in a cozy meal by the campfire, our culinary experiences promise to delight.

Campfire and Stargazing

At Ceylon Wild Safaris, our campfire gatherings spark the thrill of adventure and fellowship beneath the twinkling tropical skies. Come together around the flames as darkness falls, sharing tales, laughter or moments of quiet contemplation. Let the crackling fire forge bonds and memories to cherish, while the symphony of nature serenades the soul.

A highlight of these campfire experiences is the jungle’s celestial theatre where the stars carpet the skies. The CWS safari guides, with the ability to navigate these natural wonders, take you on an astronomical journey by the gentle sweep of a laser-pointer.

Indulge in a Romantic Bush Dinner Under the Stars

Amidst the whirlwind of reality, there's a serene oasis awaiting - lit by gentle lantern flames and decorated with a starry sky, your evening is guided by wilderness relaxation and garnished with authentic Sri Lankan cuisine.

May it be your honeymoon, your anniversary or simply a joyful escape with a friend, our team at CWS is here to curate your perfect dining experience.

Short Courses Hosted by Our Game Rangers

Our guides boast a lifetime of involvement with nature, each of them having started their journey along this wilderness path at a very young age. They've had the honor and the privilege of sharing their knowledge at Sri Lanka's very first Game Rangers Training Programme and are now making that knowledge available to you.

Should you require a short-course on the complexities of nature through the eyes of any of our safari guides, feel free to speak to us about paving the way.

Join one of our safari guides on a walk through the wilderness to learn the Art of Tracking. This involves identifying tracks/spoor, understanding the signs left by animals and how we interpret them.
Give yourself an education on the traditional beliefs and the medicinal uses of the trees and wildflowers of the dry zone.
All our safari guides are passionate birders and are always up for some fun! With their help, you can work your way through a checklist of resident, migrant and even endemic birds of Sri Lanka.
Sit with one of our game rangers in an educational presentation in order to learn what bio-diversity really means and how Sri Lanka is so brilliant as a wildlife destination.
The next generation of rangers is being made now, and the future of wildlife conservation is in their formidable hands. This course is especially for youngsters who display a heartfelt enthusiasm for nature. Our rangers will consider themselves most privileged to fan the flames of their passion in hopes that they will grow to love and protect these lands in times to come.