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City Office

Sarinto (Private) Limited
405/14, Samanpura,
Kottawa, Sri Lanka

+94 (11) 366 1333

For Reservations and
Rate Inquiries

Arran +94 (77) 888 8689

Camp Site

Ceylon Wild Safaris - Yala
Situlpawwa Road, Bodhirajapura

+94 (55) 313 0370

For Guest Arrivals and Departures

Indika +94 (77) 788 2711
Arran +94 (77) 003 4406

For Inquiries

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    1What is camping at Ceylon Wild Safaris?
    Ceylon Wild Safaris invites you to enjoy a truly authentic safari experience. Our camps are setup in the heart of Sri Lanka’s exotic jungles giving you an opportunity to explore the island’s spectacular array of wildlife. Our camps are the epitome of natural elegance and exclusivity. Explore some of Sri Lanka’s most remote corners, complete with all the comforts and amenities of the modern explorer. We provide all inclusive packages that include game drives, accommodation, food, and drink.
    2What is the best time of day to see wildlife?
    Early morning and the hours preceding sunset are ideal times to view wildlife. Clients are taken on game drives during these times.
    3What is the best time of year to see wildlife?
    There is something for everyone at all times of the year whether it be Sloth Bear sightings during the Palu season, migratory birds during the winter months, or Leopards near waterholes during the drier months. Please contact us for more details on the best time of year to visit based on your specific requirements.
    4What belongings should we bring?
    We encourage you to travel light. For a comprehensive list of what to bring please see the following link the Safari Backpack.
    5Do children accompany their parents to Ceylon Wild Safaris?
    We encourage family groups and young children. A couple of nights spent at Ceylon Wild Safaris can be an exciting and educational experience for young children. We encourage them to learn the names of mammals and birds, take dips in the river, browse through our library, as well as listen to stories of the jungle around the campfire.
    6What are the meals like at Ceylon Wild Safaris?
    Enjoy fine cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients by our specially trained cook and served by an attentive staff. Dine under the stars, in our dining tent or even near the wawa! We do cater to vegetarians and others with specific requirements if informed in advance. We serve a variety of Sri Lankan, Asian, and Continental cuisine.
    7What if it rains? Should I visit during the monsoon?
    Rain should not dampen your spirits and even during the monsoon, rain can quickly give way to sunny skies. You will be protected from the rain in your large en suite water proof customer tent, as well as in the dining tent. For mobility within camp we provide umbrellas and raincoats if required. During sunshine hours after heavy rainfall many animals such as leopards may come out into the sun to dry themselves. Some of the best photographic opportunities present themselves when the jungle takes on a richer color palette during the monsoon. In addition the monsoon season can be the best time to see birds and elephants.
    8How secure are my belongings? Will there be a safe/locker?
    Yes, we have safe for each tent. If you do have belongings that need to be carefully stored on safe or please hand them over to the camp manager on arrival.
    9Is there anywhere I can charge my laptop/phone/camera battery?
    We do provide charging points for small electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and camera batteries. Please speak to the camp manager about charging your electronic items.
    10Does Ceylon Wild Safaris provide laundry facilities?
    As the camp based on buffer zone on the Yala Park; Ceylon Wild Safaris strives to use water sparingly and leave a low carbon footprint. Hence, we do not provide laundry facilities.
    11Check in times?
    Guests will be expected to reach our designated pick up location around 13:30hrs and will be driven to the camp in our vehicle.
    12Check out times?
    Clients will be taken back to the pickup point at around 10:30hrs on the day of departure and are expected to make their own travel arrangements from that point on.
    13Is there mobile phone reception?
    There are a few areas within the park that have mobile phone reception. The reception at these points are enough to take a quick phone call or send a text message. It is unlikely that you will be able to use 4G devices such as an ipad to surf the internet for any significant amount of time.
    14Maximum number of people in each safari vehicle?
    We generally limit this to 6 clients per safari vehicle in sharing basis. An exclusive vehicle can be arranged at extra cost.
    15Maximum number of people at camp?
    Camping with Ceylon Wild Safaris is best enjoyed with no more than 12 people at camp so as to maintain the exclusivity. However, for groups travelling together we can arrange up to 18 people.