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“We, the guardians of the wild have a mission to conserve the industry that allows us to fulfill our passions.”


Ceylon Wild Safaris, based in the wilderness areas of the buffer-zone jungles of Yala National park, is a homely tented camp with a mission in the world of wildlife conservation. Our team, comprised of passionate, ethical and professional game rangers aim to merge sustainable and experiential wildlife tourism with active and on-ongoing conservation efforts.
Collectively, our team has invaluable experience on all fronts of the industry including professional guiding and hosting; wildlife research and conservation; spanning from Africa to Sri Lanka as well as from the mountain wet zone forests to the low coastal dry zone jungles.


Our ethos is built around giving back to the natural environment that enriches us with its bountiful resources. We maintain a strict focus on sustainable wildlife tourism that works toward balancing the impact caused by the current flood of tourism in Sri Lanka. We are on a mission to conserve and replenish, and your stay with us has been designed to involve you in the process.